The Beige Bling – Kerala Christian Wedding Highlights of Pratik & Praveena!!!

The glow, the sparkling smiles and the power of true love! We are truly speechless about the wonderful experience we had at Pratik and Praveena’s Kerala Christian Wedding. The simplicity and elegance of the color palette we witnessed at the event truly blew us away! Praveena’s breathtaking lehenga outfit is a masterpiece from the Sabyasachi Bridal Couture.

Her charming bridal makeover is aced by the very talented Ralph Daniel. The after wedding bash held at CGH Earth Resort swept our hearts with a bunch of heartwarming candids. The impressive event decor at the venue is curated by the wonderful team at CGH Earth itself. Praveena’s candids usher a wholesome diva vibe as she flaunts her flared lehenga with grace.

The couple portraits in this series are composed with easily achievable, fuss-free and super light poses that our couple truly enjoyed. Glimpses of ceremonial rituals and moments spent with the family have been pieced together after carefully handpicking the most precious, expressive frames from the collection. Added to that, we have also showcased little joys and priceless gestures by collaging the photos. Our customised palette for the wedding maintains uniformity in all the snapshots, also delivering a pleasant visual experience. Refreshing earthy hues that we have prepared assure a timeless touch to the photos.
Jewellery : @m.o.dsignature
MUA : @ralphdaniels08
Venue & Deco : @mararibeach_cghearth
Costume : @sabyasachiofficial @bridesofsabyasachi


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